Palm Oil environmentally
unfriendly to produce has
continued to decimate our forests.

HexaOil A sustainable oil
that is an organic natural alternative
and is produced in Ireland.




A natural oil approved for use in the
pharmaceutical industry
as a base for skincare cosmetic products.




Similar in composition to fish oil,
Hexafly Insect Oil is suitable for
the pet food, animal feed and food industries.




Hexafly Insect oil offers a highly beneficial combination of healthy fatty acids, unsaturated fats and other essential nutrients.



A sustainable insect-oil high in Lauric Acid

Black soldier fly oil

Our Products

Hexafly produces a range of Sustainable, Natural Commodities for multiple industries searching for eco-friendly solutions, such as: Plant Nutrition, Pet Food, Animal Nutrition, Alternative Protein, Oleochemical ingredients, Human Personal Care and Cosmetics. All of our products are made in a closed, circular system, with a focus on the environment at the core of what we do.

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