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…the next few years will see an exponential increase in demand for fish and animal feed that will far exceed supply.

A natural protein feed ingredient
…a sustainable
natural food source farmed in Ireland


… more suitable as a natural feed for fish and animals, 100% natural and nutritious.

HexaMeal is a natural feed replacement and a sustainable solution for the planet.
HexaMeal is readily available and cost effective. The protein feed we produce is 100% natural and easily digestible. It contains a nutritious breakdown
of essential amino acids that outperforms animal derived poultry by-product meal and fish meal.
It differentiates itself from this animal based, industry standard feed on both quality, price and nutritional benefits.



A sustainable insect-oil high in Lauric Acid


Our Products

Hexafly produces a range of Sustainable, Natural Commodities for multiple industries searching for eco-friendly solutions, such as: Plant Nutrition, Pet Food, Animal Nutrition, Alternative Protein, Oleochemical ingredients, Human Personal Care and Cosmetics. All of our products are made in a closed, circular system, with a focus on the environment at the core of what we do.

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