For the Perfect Egg! Premium, natural feed for your hens. (Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae)

Black soldier fly Grubs have been proven to improve body weight gain and health parameters of broiler chicks (such as increased frequency of CD4+ T lymphocyte, serum lysozyme activity, and spleen lymprocyte proliferation). These studies show that including Grubs in the chicks’ diet increased clearance of Salmonella.


Naturally high in protein

Healthy Fats

High in Omega-3 fatty acids

Contains essential nutrients for healthy hens

High in Lauric Acid (a natural antimicrobial, shown to reduce microbial load and improve weight gain in broiler chickens)

Studies show hens fed grubs produce eggs with a better taste, texture and appearance

Good quantity and quality of important Amino Acids, especially the essential Lysine (4.64g/100g) and Tyrosine (4.63g/100g)

High Glutamic Acid Content (6.88g/100g) which may contribute to a significantly better tasting egg

High in Calcium and other important minerals

How to Use: There are multiple ways for your hens
and birds to enjoy Grubs for hens™:

As a Supplement to your normal poultry feed:


Best served by the handful scattered on the ground or in a dish. Allow your hens
some time to get used to the new feed. Studies have shown grubs to be a valuable
source of environment enrichment for hens!

Grubs can also be used as a partial feed replacement for your poultry as follows:


For mash feed: Replace 20% of mash feed with grubs (i.e. per 1kg total feed, apply
200g Grubs and 800g Mash feed)

As a soy/fish meal replacement


Replace up to 42% (add up to 42g grubs for every 68g meal) of starter meal with
grubs and up to 55% (add up to 55g grubs for every 45g meal) of finishing meal with

Download Brochure for Grubs for Hens™ (live)