HexaGrubs is a natural food source for Birds, Fish and Pigs, that is an
organic natural food produced in Ireland.

A new natural food source

HexaGrub represent the natural diet of most animals, including fish, poultry, and swine, and as such have a high degree of palatability and digestibility. Combining a very high protein content with an enticing oil profile, composed principally of lauric acid, HexaGrubs provide all the key nutrients required for healthy animal growth.

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Dried Grubs


Hexafly Dried Larvae have the potential to partially, if not fully, replace current feeds in animal diets. Please contact Hexafly for the best advice on diet inclusion rates to maximise animal performance.

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‘Live’ Grubs


Our Grubs can also be supplied as a ‘live’ food source for specific feed requirements. This fresh food source is rich in nutrients and all natural.

Contact us to discuss availability and shipping of this product.

Our food supply is under threat,
in the next few years the exponential increase
in demand for animal feed will far
exceed it’s supply

Hexagrubs Products

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