Chemical fertilisers
deplete our soil, damage our water supply
and endanger human health

an innovative natural fertiliser …cost effective, 100% organic … produced in Ireland




HexaFrass is a new innovative, high yield cost effective organic solution approved for use as a natural fertiliser for plants.




Hexafly is readily available, has proven yield results and produces healthier plants. Barley and Hemp farming have been early adopters with impressive quality results.




Developed as a plant nutrition and soil additive for horticulture, the all natural fertiliser is produced in a natural insect farming process in Ireland by a team of biologists.



Certified Organic Fertilizer Sustainably

Our Products

Hexafly produces a range of Sustainable, Natural Commodities for multiple industries searching for eco-friendly solutions, such as: Plant Nutrition, Pet Food, Animal Nutrition, Alternative Protein, Oleochemical ingredients, Human Personal Care and Cosmetics. All of our products are made in a closed, circular system, with a focus on the environment at the core of what we do.

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