Using insects to feed the world, Hexafly™ has developed innovative technology to solve some of the world’s food crises through recycling and revalorising waste streams to create sustainable, natural commodities.

Hexafly uses bioconversion technology to achieve
maximum extraction of high value protein (HexaMeal(™), oil (HexaOil(™) and
fertiliser (HexaFrass(™)), based on the principles of bioeconomy.

Our Products

Hexafly produces a range of Sustainable, Natural Commodities for multiple industries searching for eco-friendly solutions, such as: Plant Nutrition, Pet Food, Animal Nutrition, Alternative Protein, Oleochemical ingredients, Human Personal Care and Cosmetics. All of our products are made in a closed, circular system, with a focus on the environment at the core of what we do.


A Natural, Slow-Release, Certified Organic Fertilizer Sustainably Made in Co. Meath, Ireland

A sustainable, high-protein meal for the aquaculture and pet food industries


A sustainable insect-oil high in Lauric Acid, with applications in the oliochemical industry

Grubs for hens

For the Perfect Egg! Premium, natural feed for your hens.